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Impressive Ultra – the new age in laminate

Leading Australian flooring solutions brand, Quick-Step, has launched a range of water-safe laminate flooring – consolidating the magnificence and solidness of laminate / overlay flooring with the adaptability and comfort of water resistance. Making laminate floors 100% waterproof, without the requirement for seals or extra coatings? Quick-Step is the first to succeed in this arena.

With its fresh out of the box, new ‘Impressive Ultra‘ laminate floor range, Quick-Step takes flooring innovation to the following level. Because of a completely shut surface, completed with a defensive and completely waterproof HydroSeal covering on the bevel, the ultra tough Impressive Ultra range offers a one of a kind water-repellent flooring solution. Water essentially stays put on this special covering, shaping beads that can be wiped off straight away. A first, Impressive Ultra can be laid in all the wet areas inside the home including restrooms, laundry, and pantries. Because of the Uniclic click framework, the floors can be installed as simply as other Quick-Step laminate floors.

It’s all in the bevel

As indicated by National Product Manager, Quick-Step, Kendall Waller, the designing decisions made to make Impressive Ultra was to create a laminate floor that’s completely impervious to water and other fluids.

“Quick-Step’s patented technology, presses the floor joints into the surface layer during production. What’s more, the HydroSeal finish keeps out the smallest drop.”

“In addition, this cutting-edge innovation, utilises the same material for both surface and bevel, making the floors anti-static and completely chemical-resisant. The outcome? Soil and dust don’t stick to the surface, making the floor substantially simpler to clean and maintain; even a wet cloth and cleaning products can be utilised. As such, Quick-Step Impressive Ultra is consummately suited for high-movement zones, for example, washrooms, kitchens and corridors.

Innovation meets reality

Quick-Step’s Impressive floors don’t simply keep water out, they additionally offer a one of a kind look. “Our inventive bevel innovation guarantees that the wood grain, shading and structure of the boards mix consistently, along their length as well as on the short side too. The outcome is authentic and consistent with nature.”

Each board has an alternate bevel, adjusted to the look and feel of its wood grain. Because of this authentic, changed state of the bevel, the outlines of Impressive Ultra floors are significantly more consistent with nature and one of a kind overall.

6 dazzling designs

Quick-Step’s Impressive Ultra overlay floors increase present expectations of the most recent trends. The collection offers six designs, transforming oak wood into engaging ground surface styles. All outlines are altogether created in-house, which makes them exceptional in the laminate world.

Mr Waller includes: “Quick-Step’s design division works incessantly to create new floors. They center around the one of a kind Quick-Step features, for example, profound surface structures, grooves that match the character of the wood and an eye-catching interaction between matt and gloss.”

19 cm wide and 138 cm long, the boards breath life into each design, while the plentiful length can make rooms look deeper and all the more welcoming. All Impressive Ultra floors are 12 mm thick, accessible in resistance class 33 and guarantee maximum sound reduction in commercial and residential conditions.

The six colours on offer are:

Classic Oak Brown, Scraped Oak Gray Brown, Soft Oak Light, Soft Oak Natural, Soft Oak Medium, and Saw Cut Oak Gray.