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Aquastop Giant 14mm by Kronoswiss


35 year Warranty
The Kronoswiss Aquastop Giant 14mm range is supplied with a 35 Year residential warranty on surface wear to provide you complete peace of mind. It aslo has a 72 hour protection against spills and pet messes.

Value for Money
Kronoswiss Aquastop Giant 14mm is an attractive and extremely cost competitive laminate floor considering all the benefits it provides. It looks and feels like a real hardwood floor and is very resilient due to its AC5 rating. It is child and pet friendly, is made from natural resources and is wet mopable.

Outstanding Quality
Aquastop 14mm is engineered to withstand topical moisture such as everyday household spills for 72 hours. Produced to strict European standards. For healthy living, emissions are the same as you would expect from wood in its natural state. KRONOSWISS AQUASTOP laminate is made of 100% natural materials, mainly wood. KRONOSWISS AQUASTOP is a natural product, which according to a recent survey by the prestigious Fraunhofer
Institute poses no risk to health. This makes it particularly suitable for young children and pets, who spend a lot of time in contact with the floor. In addition its superior abrasion AC4, scratch and impact resistance
performance make KRONOSWISS AQUASTOP a highly resilient floor. KRONOSWISS AQUASTOP can be cleaned with a wet mop. We recommend the usage of a vacuum cleaner or a dust mop for regular cleaning. If necessary, the floor may be cleaned with a wet mop.

Great Customer Service
In-house flooring consultants assisting you with budget and quality requirements that reflect your lifestyle. Deliveries can be arranged within 48 hours of order Australia wide

A Diverse Range Colour & Design
Aquastop Giant 14mm is available in 7 styles with a Matt finish embossed surface designed to suit any decor.








V Groove AC5 boards embossed patterns with a Matt finish



length mm


width mm


thickness mm


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