Buy Laminate Flooring Online

CLIX laminate flooring is designed and manufactured in England from the finest timber available, and now you can buy laminate flooring online’.

CLIX engineers have paid attention to detail, providing a simplistic and unique installation locking mechanism, to ensure your floor stays solid and it can be installed easily and quickly.

Uniclic technology

CLIX Uniclic can handle any environment and will look great, no matter how hard its treated, as it’s comprised of high density panels and a tough melamine finish. This hygienic surface will not allow bacteria or dirt to attach itself to the surface, and makes cleaning easier.

CLIX laminate flooring is certified low emission and environmentally friendly.

CLIX flooring comes with a 10 year wear limited wear warranty.

Install your floors without hassle!

Laying a Quick-Step floor is so easy thanks to the patented world-famous Uniclic® click system. This system is highly user-friendly, quicker to install and a lot more solid than other systems. A Quick-Step floor makes installation easy, even in the tightest corners or under radiators and doors.

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