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Traditional Cork

Premium Traditional High Density Cork Tiles are 305x305x6mm & adhesive backed with a square edge. They are glued to your sub-floor, then sanded & coating is applied after installation. It’s important to remember that cork tiles do change colour over time from oxidization & will not always match new cork if you are adding to or repairing damaged tiles.

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It’s Comfortable and Safe

Cork is made up of millions of resistant cells filled with a gas similar to air. This gives cork its capacity to float, thermal insulate, dampen sound and vibrations and recover its shape quickly after compression.

It’s Ecologically Sound

Cork is a sustainable resource, harvested by stripping the bark off the tree, without cutting it down. Cork is a natural, recyclable, reusable, environmentally friendly and biodegradable material.

It’s Healthy

100% natural, hypo-allergenic, easy to clean and maintain.

It’s Durable

The density is designed to make cork tiles durable and resilient.