Quick-Step laminate flooring is a stylish and modern floor covering that is durable. Quick-Step laminate flooring is wear resistant, scratch resistant and indentation resistant and able to withstand the wear and tear brought on by daily life at home.

With a hard wearing melamine surface and microscopic granules of carborundum imprinted in the surface for additional durability the Quick-Step range can stand whatever environment it is placed in.

Quick-Step offers many advantages when compared with other flooring options, like the ability to install Quick-Step over heated or moist subfloors.

Quick-Step floorboards are based around the world famous, patented Uniclic glueless installation system which enables fast, clean and easy installation.

The surface of all Quick-Step Laminate Floors are treated with ScratchGuard, making them up to 10 times more scratch resistant than other laminated floorboards.