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Buy Timber Flooring Online offers the premium range of Strand Woven Bamboo. Enquire today to get yours.

Quick-Step Floor Designers  Arc Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo, when strand woven, is a type of bamboo flooring that starts with strands of bamboo being cut and boiled then left to dry for a period of time. Bamboo is one of nature’s most rapidly renewable resources. It is harvested every5-6 years & constant efforts are made to reduce the ecological impact on the environment.

Strand woven bamboo flooring has a very distinctive type of grain, making it an eye-catching floor, leaving an immediate impression on visitors to your home. Quick-Step Arc Bamboo has 11 layers of Scratch Resistant Technology built into the finish which is available from a Brushed Low Sheen surface to a stunning Semi Gloss finish. The indentation resistance (Bamboo has a Janka rating of 16Kn) & insect resistance of bamboo flooring makes it a worthwhile choice for busy homes and is also very easy to maintain. The Cold Pressed Strand Woven Bamboo process means that the boards are more stable with density, moisture content & colour quality, which greatly increases the life span of your floor, and can then be re-sanded in years to come.

This durability allows stand woven bamboo flooring to be adaptable to multiple applications, making it the perfect choice for any controlled environment. Arc Bamboo gives a 25 year Residential Warranty if the installation & environment meet the required specifications.  This type of flooring is the highest quality material available in the bamboo floor industry, and it is the one that has most to offer for those looking for something different, yet enduring and from a sustainable resource.

A huge range of choices for your property

Our selection of bamboo products suits all décors, controlled environments and tastes. Whatever look you’re trying to create, you’ll find something beautiful in our store. The Quick-Step Arc Strand Woven Bamboo collection is a stunning addition to any home. Subtle, tasteful and elegant, it’s sure to add sophistication and vibrancy to any home. From rich, chocolatey browns to light, modern tans, this collection runs the gamut, helping to create looks from the traditional and evergreen to the modern and contemporary.

The perfect flooring solutions for any home or business

It’s never been easier to outfit your property with the very best in flooring. At Buy Timber Flooring Online, we make it simple to get the tools you need to create the look you want with something to suit every lifestyle.

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